Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sit Sip and Drip - And Where Is Everyone Lately?

Though we got together Saturday at Sip N Knit, not ALL of us were there by a long shot. Missing this time were (Roll Call) . . . . Jen, Laura, Carolyn, let's see anyone else??? Hmmm. Oh Kay but she is a once-a-month soujourner. We still haven't seen hide nor hair of Phoebe, though we hope she'll join us too. So it was kinda quiet sitting around the old Sip Circle. And it was hot. We were mostly drinking tropical tea instead of coffee. We were knitting on cotton instead of wool. Mary wasn't knitting here,
but most of the time, she did. Typical hot and boring Saturday. But it was pretty fun anyway. Who can be bored with even a handful of knitters around?

One thing I've been meaning to mention and keep forgotting, is my new love affair with the Mason Dixon knitting book. Though I initially thought the book was kind of not-worth buying, I'm starting to really like it and am SO GLAD I did. Usually my knit book buying runs the opposite way. I buy a book thinking I'll really like it, but then I never knit anything out of it and eventually lose it or store it away (forgotten)with the others in my collection.

Well, as we are talking Saturday, I happened to bring my Mason-Dixon knitting book along, and I mentioned how wonderful it is and how I am now having an unusual desire to knit perky dish cloths, baby kimonos, bath mats and maybe even a whimsical looking mini curtain in my kitchen? Maybe even some hand towels for the bathroom. And for the super ambitious, maybe a Log Cabin blanket or two? What in the world has come over me? Maenwyn promptly informed me that she was bitten by the Mason-Dixon book euphoria for a while now herself. She's secretly got a Log Cabin baby quilt in the works. Am I allowed to say that, M, or is it a secret?

Then Carol shows us that she's THIS VERY WEEK been knitting a Mason-Dixon baby bib and her project of the day was a baby burp cloth from the same book. I, in turn,cast on for my pink and lime baby kimono from the book.

Our knitterly get-together, ended rather abruptly when it started to POUR DOWN rain. I nearly swam to my car.

I don't know if anyone made it to the stash blowout at the Studio's stashbuster exchange. Personally, I didn't make it. Instead, the daughter and I trekked over to Beauty Brands to get her hair styled in an updo to look like Audrey Hepburn.

Hope you all have a good week ahead, and don't make too many pot holders or cotton baby drip cloths will you? I'm still shaking my head in wonder. What in the world has come over us????? Will you sane members please return to the circle and dispel the spell cast by Ann and Kaye - the Mason Dixon designers? Thanks.


Maenwyn said...

Yo, M-D knitters, let's all knit dish cloths and wash the dishes with them.

I PROMISED myself I would never knit a dishcloth, and yet...

Bliss said...

I too am in love with the MDK book! I buy knitting books, admire them and file them away. This one has grabbed my interest in ways I never expected, and stays near my computer. I find myself flipping through it often, and starting yet another project. I will be casting on for the Modern Log Cabin today. Whenever I see a large display of yarn in many colors, my mind starts categorizing them in "juices and blahs" and working out schemes for log cabins. I'm sure there are craft stores wondering why they can't keep dishcloth cotton on the shelves these days!

blissfulknitter AT gmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

Mary said

I hope you took pic's of yours and daughter's updo and will bring them next time. If anyone was made for Audrey it was your girl!

ChelleC said...

Yeah Audrey has been her hero for YEARS now. She studies Audrey films, Audrey biographies, and models her entire wardrobe after Audrey. Now the hair. Jeez.

ChelleC said...

Even in the rain yesterday, I went out to pick out more Sugar and Cream cotton from Hobby Lobby. I must be absolutely NUTS.

Bliss, so glad you found your way over here. I'm sure your Log Cabin will be wonderful. Juices and blahs, yeah! And you're right, the craft stores are probably scratching their heads going, "Huh?"

Laura said...

Bleh! I hate missing the knit group!

Must avoid MDK book... Heaven knows I need more projects. :D

Better Audrey than Wendy O. Williams from Bow Wow Wow. Jus' sayin'. ;D

Kay said...

Annabella Lwin was the singer for Bow Wow Wow. Wendy O Williams sang for the Plasmatics. Just settin the record straight.

Hopefully I'll make it out soon, I'll let everyone know when so the peeps who want to go over the 2 socks on 2 circs thing will know to bring some sock yarn & needles. Check my blog :-)