Thursday, June 29, 2006

Heartbreakingly Cute - And Finished

Guess what? I can't believe I knit this thing in only 5 days - including finishing!!!!!

Here it is, the finished kimono. I put snaps on the front to hold it closed and I made little short sleeves and a picot bindoff.

Here's a closeup of the picot edge bindoff treatment to the sleeve:

Whenever I get discouraged with knitting, my dear knitting friends, remind me of why I like to knit okay? You see, I've been having a lot of worries and feeling kinda the summer BLAH feeling. But early this morning, I decided to get up early and work on the sleeves which I hadn't started yet. I decided to venture out and play around with a brand new knitting technique (for me) - the picot edge bindoff. I got out the Nancie Wiseman book and followed her instructions. Guess what? I did it! Without any hands-on coaching from anyone.

I can't describe how good I felt all day from that - triumph!!!! Yes!!! This sweater isn't perfect, it's far from perfect, and frankly I don't even know if it will fit a newborn. Not sure of newborn sizing. This might be too small?

But even if it never fits a baby, it is making me happy for these reasons: 1) I finished a project quickly. 2) I enjoyed every single minute of it - I was in a zenlike "process" state every moment while working on it; 3) I learned a brand new technique that I will be able to access forever on other projects. 4) I feel confident. 5) I can't control much of anything in my own personal universe or the universe in general, but I can make a baby kimono that is perfect in it's imperfection and I did it - yah!


Laura said...

Now you know why my blog name is 'In PURSUIT of Perfection'. It's rather like light speed, you can get 99.99% of it, but never 100%.

I am so very proud of you! You finished a project with a minimal amount of ripping!! Yay!! If it doesn't fit a newborn, then it'll fit a preemie. They NEED the warmth, right?

Maenwyn said...

It's adorable. Great job. Now, who is the lucky baby?

Debbie said...

Your kimono looks great with the frilly nonsleeves and love the color you picked. Thanks for checking out my blog and yes I really did knit that Absorba rug in 4 evenings but that only means I had a higher than usual amount of obsession going!