Monday, June 05, 2006

Lake Effect

Well, we went off for the weekend to Lake of the Ozarks. We took Mom. Didn't go boating or swimming, unfortunately we ate a lot and shopped a lot. I sure feel it in my expanded waistline this morning. Eeeks! Can't do many of those kinds of weekends. My wallet is skinnier and my body heavier and sluggier. Can you say Ozark fudge? Ugggh. I'm having a sugar hangover. All that home-cooked restaurant food is weighing me down. A person can only eat so many country fried steak etc. before you go into comfort food meltdown.

At any rate, we're back. Over the weekend, I finished my toe-up socks and am really pleased with them. Nice socks!

Next, after admiring Laura's Take Five vest from afar, I cast on and tried to make it. Ewhhhh!!! Well, that was an exercise in frustration. I've probably already spent 5 hours on it, and I've completed the bottom 8 inches of the vest. You don't start doing the armholes until 10 inches, but I'm already not sure I'm doing this right. It looks gnarly and weird to me. The drops aren't straight, lovely and even. Because the "wrapped" stitches tend to wrap themselves around and slide UNDER the regular stitches, it's not a pleasant knitting experience (to me). I was ready to rip it out in frustration, but Laura coached me over the phone, convincing me not to tear it up yet, but to hold off a couple more weeks until she sees me so that we can either rescue it, fix it, start over or whatever. Here it is - a camera's eye view if you can tell anything at all from it:

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