Sunday, June 18, 2006

Stone Soup

Do you remember the story of stone soup? One of my all-time favorites as a kid!

Description of Story:

From Publishers Weekly
Forest and Gaber revisit this oft-told tale to demonstrate the pleasures of collaboration and mutual generosity. Two hungry travelers, denied food by the inhabitants of a mountain village, publicly declare that they can make soup from a stone. Only they need a carrot... and a potato... and a few more ingredients to make it taste really good. Everyone in the town contributes something, pronounces the soup delicious and learns the magic behind it: sharing. Gaber's bold acrylic paintings emphasize the big black soup tureen and the brightly colored vegetable ingredients. As each member of the town speaks up to offer a contribution, a speech bubble appears showing a picture of the offering. Forest's jolly prose simmers with energy: "Bring what you've got! Put it in the pot!" cry the travelers. Flavorful and nutritious, this classic tale is served up with a smile. A recipe for stone soup tops it off. Ages 4-8.

Okay, today in knitting group was "Stone Soup Day." This means that I brought my abandoned Gimme Five vest and I turned it over to Laura's expert advice. She not only urged me NOT to rip it out, but she also ended up working on it through quite a bit of our Sip and Knit session. I didn't bring a camera with me - but she turned a stone into soup stock.

The reason I call it a "Stone Soup" knitting was because a lady in a knitting class I once took had a funny habit of constantly asking for help on her socks in progress. Only she rarely worked on them herself! She just would knit a row or two, then ask advise of the teacher and every single student in there, urging us to "help me knit a row or two so I can get the hang of it." Yeah, well, by the end of the sock class, her sock looked better and was farther along than anyone else's!!! She finished hers and then said, "But I may need your help starting the second sock, because I don't remember how I did the first one." Ha! So I labeled that kind of knitting "Stone Soup Knitting" - where you get everyone in the group to contribute.

So today, I pulled that same trick with my friend Laura. Didn't mean to have her do so much, but she really helped. So if this vest becomes salvaged, it will be to her credit, and she's put in a lot of stitches on this thing herself. Sorry to do that to you, Laura, but I appreciate the kind help. And I think Maenwyn took a photo of her working on MY vest. Maybe I'll get a copy of that photo later and post it here.

Note: I fixed the comment setting on here now so that everyone can comment, and not just those who have a blogger account. Sorry about that, I didn't realize it was set wrong before someone mentioned it today. So feel free to comment to your heart's content.

Happy Father's Day to my husband, who is a fantastic husband and father. Love you, honey. And thanks for putting up with my knitting. Yeah, that too.


Maenwyn said...

So, we could be the Stone Soup Knitters. I like that, and I like the vest, too.

Laura said...

LOL! Do you know how tough it was to give the vest back to you? Of course you could do a perfectly lovely job yourself, but I knew I was so almost done... Just one more row! :D

You made an excellent choice on the buttons, too. As fast as you finished your cute summer hat, I'm sure the vest will be done by the next time I can attend. :D

Carol said...

I missed you all Saturday. I am excited that you did not rip the vest out. I can hardly wait to see it. I may want to do one also since I found 3 more skeins of the Colinette Point 5 ($10 less per)on ebay to go with what I bought in portland. Now I will have 5 and can do something really nice with it.

ChelleC said...

Yes, the vest is looking good. Actually, I haven't finished it quite yet. I got distracted starting a new sock in a colorway that I am ennamored with. I'll show you that sock on the next post. But I am now very motivated to finish the vest. It's pretty cute.