Sunday, July 30, 2006

August = Finishing UFOs


ONE DOWN ONE TO GO - I've made a pact with myself and some other knitters to make August Unfinished Object month. Thanks for thinking of this Jeanie. Great idea and perfect timing! We are working on finishing up those as-yet-unfinished projects that have been hanging around, being left undone for one reason or another. As Jeanie wisely pointed out, it might be a good idea to finish up this old stuff before setting out on new knitting adventures for our Fall and Winter knitting. I know that personally, I have many knitted objects and patterns I'm lusting after for Fall, and as far as I'm concerned, Fall can't come soon enough! This heat is a killer.

But as we go through the "Dog Days of Summer" it might be fun to do some completion work. I've already made my list and it includes 1) My Simply Lovely socks. Yesterday, I finally finished the first sock and have started (a wee bit) on the second. 2) I also have another pair I started a few weeks ago, orange striped ones, that have one sock finished and the other not. 3) Felted bag "Mystery Bag" that I started in the past week or so that needs finished and felted; 4) The Dr. Who scarf I started last summer or fall and never finished. It's tedious, boring garter stitch. 5) The Crayon Box jacket that I started a year ago last Spring and have been lamenting about ever since. I don't like the pastel colors that I used for it. But I either need to finish the darned thing or get rid of it. That one has been a heavy weight hanging over my head (and taking space in my closets) for quite some time.

One thing I've determined is that I've knit quite a few socks this summer and I'm getting pretty tired of socks. But I will finish up the ones I've started. After I complete these two pairs in progress, I'm foregoing the socks for a while. I have enough already, jeez!

Now as I was contemplating these UFO projects, it's not that I have a whole lot of them. Well, it depends on how you define "Unfinished Object." Is it 1) one that you started and are working on slowly but surely while you do other projects. 2) Or is it one you've abandoned for a while and need to get back to? If UFO is defined as #2 then I really don't have many. I do tend to work on several things at once to keep my interest.

But I need to get these items off my plate, in one way or another. My larger problem is that I have a whole CLOSETFUL of bags with the yarn, pattern and whole project already purchased and put together, already to knit. So it's like an old knitting que that I've already qued up but haven't yet done. I keeping buying newer, better, trendier projects and leaving the old ones in the closet. I either don't knit fast enough, or fantasize too much about the next bestest thing and buy way more than I can realistically do. What I truly need to do is to cull through that closet full of projects and objectively decide what I am truly wanting to do and what I wish to give up or use in a different way than originally planned. Some projects probably never will get done and may be best turned over to someone who can fully appreciate them. But I haven't determined that yet.

Another goal of mine this month is to declutter and get my house sale-ready. I've been doing that. It's a tough job, but it's high time I did it. Feels good now that I've started.


Laura said...

Sounds like you DO have a lot on your plate, but all sounds fun, too. Congratulations on the new job, by the way! I hope it's better than what you want.

Be sure to take before pictures of what you clean up! You'll have fun seeing the difference in the after. :)

ChelleC said...

At this point, Laura, my house actually looks messier and more disorganized than it did before, although we've been hauling things to the thrift store, the trash and the storage locker all weekend and sorting things in piles around the house. We're not to the "neat" stage yet. We're still at pandamonum.

Jeanie said...

Hey Chelle -- Your sock is amazing!!!!
BTW, my list is posted on the UFO August site (since you asked!).

Laura said...

Ahh, yes. My beloved reminds me, "You have to make a mess to clean a mess," whenever I despair over the wreck I've made of our home while cleaning. He's good about that sort of thing. I'm sure your mess will part like the Red Sea once the charity deliveries are done. That, and trash day. :)