Friday, July 21, 2006

What in the World Is It Anyway?

Besides a very messy dining room table with mismatched placemats, what do we have here? My lastest project, of course. What in the world -- is it a giant chastity belt? Perhaps a flimsy jump rope? A bra for a Rhinocerus? Who's to say? Not me, at least not yet. It's a work in progress and I'll let you know if this progresses or gets frogged.

Meanwhile, at last the unbearable heat has finally ended. I am so happy. It was a cool, lovely day today. It seems that everyone was out, on the road and in the stores. But it was nice. Mom, Emmy and I trekked off together. We had lunch at First Watch. We shopped, we drove around and did errands.

I also had another job interview, by phone. It went well. I was scheduled for a second interview with that company for next week. The job search continues. I was offered one position, but it's a "nah" definitely not. And there are a couple of others in process and a few possibilities off in the horizon. But nothing definite yet.

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