Friday, July 07, 2006

Ta Da! It's Done - Thank You Laura

A public "thank you" to Laura. I'm sorry to overdo the point for those few blog readers I have out there. But I can't overdo it enough - thanking Laura for making me the vest. And it's done - ta da!!

This is not a very good picture. But it's a start. Later today, when Emmy gets home, I will have the child take a photo of me wearing the Gimme 5 vest.

Laura busted herself getting this done in time to meet me last night at the sock class. In fact, I think this speed knitting is what gave her a migraine. I wore it all night! (Even though it wasn't color coordinated with the bright lime blouse I was wearing). Again, let me say, you are a gem.

One thing I learned from Laura about this type of large drop-stitch project is that the imperative thing is blocking. Yeah, yeah, we've all heard of wet blocking, steam blocking etc. But apparently finger blocking (which she demonstrated while I was wearing the half-blocked vest last night) is something that is crucial to a large drop stitch project such as this. It makes an amazing difference in the finished product, just as wet/pin blocking does on a lace project. Basically, you just stick your fingers into the stitches that have been dropped and "comb" the stitches into place by gently pulling at either end of the long drop until they slide into place.

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Laura said...

LOL! Trust me, after knitting with size 0's, the chunky knit was a pleasure. :) You're sweet to let me play with your yarn and pattern.

You look really cute in it, too, those are your colors. Sadly, Fry wasn't home to wear while I blocked, and I don't think Hubs would have stood still long enough. Ha!