Friday, July 28, 2006

The Un-Haircut



Remember the Uncola commercial from years ago? Well, I think that yesterday, I experienced the "Unhaircut."

I know we've talked about my hair before, and I feel rather self-absorbed to continually focus on it . . . . but . . . . but . . . . it affects me. So allow me a superficial post.

The daughter and I decided that I needed to spiff up my boring hair. My daughter and I BOTH went to the salon for a daring change. So I visited a Master Stylist while she visited a Senior Stylist, whatever the difference, my stylist was supposed to be better/more experienced than hers. She came away with a DARLING hairstyle that she loves. Yes! I came away with . . . with . . . this (see above result #2 shot). It's not bad, just "same old/same old."

Even though I brought in a folder containing several pictures of the sought-after hairdo, she managed to create --- no major visible change. She acted like I was blind not to see the huge difference, but I don't see it. Granted, she thinned the sides to remove a little bulk and she trimmed the ends. But other than that, can you see a definitive, dramatic or major change in style?

The stylist seemed upset that I didn't love it. Sorry lady, I don't hate it I just don't love it. Obviously, she and I weren't on the same styling wavelength. Because I wasn't thrilled, she insisted on not charging me. I wasn't there to get a free haircut, but whatever. Perhaps the universe was trying to send me message NOT to change my hair this time? Or maybe I just need to go to Emmy's less-expensive stylist. I'm not sure.

But I sure wish I could find the "hair God" that Catherine found somewhere in Florida. (See her April 8th entry). Guess it's too far a drive from Missouri. But I'm starting to understand why my friend Phyllis is willing to travel to other states to get her hair done. Good hair makes you fall in love with yourself in a girly but very satisfying way.


Restless Knitter said...

I don't see much difference either, though it looks good on you. At least she didn't leave you bald :)

Jeanie said...

I think you said it just as I see it. I really don't see a difference. Sorry, but I think I agree with you. Find another hairdresser -- nothing makes me feel better than a fabulous haircut.

Catherine said...

Trying a new hairstylist is scary -at least she left you untraumatized! Un-thrilled with an Un-Haircut is disappointing, but it could be MUCH worse.

ChelleC said...

Yeah! It definitely could be worse. I'm pretty much thanking my lucky stars today that she DIDN'T go for the dramatic change I wanted, because it could have been a disaster.

Elysbeth said...

Amen, if you find the hair goddess let me know!