Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Sometimes All You Bring is the Stone . . . .

Okay, I'm all for the global village, the stone soup knitting method - you know, learning from others and all that. (If you don't know what Stone Soup Knitting is, then go read my post about it on June 18th). We'll wait.

Sometimes you begin to feel like you may have taken advantage of a friend's FRIENDLINESS, SKILL AND TALENT. That person would be Laura from my SSK group.

Who has been kind (or crazy) enough to do my Gimme 5 Vest project:

for me. Can you believe it? It seems I have a problem, a big problem with dropped stitches, especially when they come on size 13 or larger needles. I can't tell what I'm dropping from what should stay on the needles. Those slippery Addi Turbos were to blame, not me. Yeah, let's blame them.

So Laura has kindly taken this project on because I was about ready to give up on it. At least for the time being. I admit, the Hip Hop yarn is lovely. And the vest is very attractive. However, I think I've turned this stone soup into a major project for her. This time she's contributing everything - even the stone and the pot to make it in. Eeks!

I feel so bad that she's donating all that time, effort etc. to me. I wish I could pay her to do it, but since I'm unemployed again, I can't afford to pay her. I told Laura that we can SHARE the vest. Will that work? We can do like Emmy did when she was in 4th and 5th grade. She and her girlfriends actually shared some favorite stylish and expensive outfits with one another. Of course, it occasionally created havoc when one of them lost it, or spilled something on it, or when both wanted to wear it on the same day. But Laura and I won't fight over THE VEST. I promise. We'll play nice.


Maenwyn said...

Unemployed! What? When did that happen? What did I miss?

ChelleC said...

Not a big deal. It just wasn't paying enough. Straight commission job. Not enough $$$.

Laura said...

Whew! Ok, I had the same reaction as Maenwyn.

LOL at you because you're so cute! Did you know I've tossed some lovely yarn from SWAK in your bag? That way, I have my vest and you'll have yours! :D Besides, you managed to take a very flattering picture of me. Even professionals can't do that.

You are so NOT taking advantage of me. Do you know how difficult it was, not running off with the vest before now? ;) The yarn, the pattern I almost have memorized, very tempting... I tend to want to take over, since knitting is so fun and all. You're right, though, the Addi Turbos act like they're greased or something. Bleh!